@Snowcode it depends how the testing goes, but it could be as soon as next week. however, we will only federate with a limited number of manually approved instances in the beginning.

Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:



If you like the Reddit idea, please checkout @LemmyDev It's now in beta to use the ActivityPub protocol! The main instance is dev.lemmy.ml

A few folks have asked how they can support the expenses of running the FLOSS.social instance. There are not a lot of expenses right now (€10/month) but if you're interested in chipping in, you can now become a FLOSS.social "Monthly Supporter"! Donations accepted via CommitChange, who run the free software Houdini Project to manage transactions. 🙂



@michel_slm Thank you Michel
Yes another G+ Refugee
Sometimes Appearoo is acting strange ... :party_parrot:

Let's not all live only on social networks, especially not centralised & walled-in networks. Create your own personal corner on the web as it was designed for! Visit my good old-fashioned #homepage at proycon.anaproy.nl for information about me.

On my mastodon feed, I'll try to toot about various topics, mainly related to languages, natural language processing, open-source technology, privacy & security, and of course the occasional dog picture!

I've setup a new Mastodon server on mastodon.online. The idea is to provide another space for people who would've landed on mastodon.social but can't because it's closed.

Even though I am currently in charge of both there are still logical and infrastructural separations between the two that give this move meaning in the context of decentralization.

Not to mention I've already scaled to mastodon.social's size once, so it would be easier for me to do again than to scale mastodon.social further.

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