Which behavior do you like best when displaying details and various reviews and statuses for a book after clicking "More Details" in the search results?
Also, how might screen readers handle each?

I'm aiming for a good solution between and usability.

This behavior will likely be used on both search results and items on shelves.

@Readlebee Depends on how much info :) If it's seversl reviews and such that I can scroll through, I prefer a modal box. Otherwise an accordion style menu.

@Readlebee also see the wonderful website modalz modalz modalz

@Readlebee On my own review site I went for the option of placing reviews on seperate pages. An accordian-style reveal is also guaranteed to work well everywhere (there is the <details> element afterall), but it didn't fit my aesthetics.

Making the modal popup accessable may require additional effort, but can be done.


@Readlebee In my screenreader implementation "Rhapsode" (I've struggled to test others) the experience would be:

* Activating a link to another page causes that page to be read aloud.
* Only the <summary> from a <details> element is read out by default in "Rhapsode". When activating it the page is reread starting from that point including all children of that <details> element.
* No JS in Rhapsode so no modal popups.

I'm not sure how different this is from other screenreaders.


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