deadlines I am setting for myself for jan. 1st:

1. get off goodreads . need another option fast.

2. stop daily use of google photos, or at least stop using on my phone.

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I'd be interested in viable alternatives to GoodReads.


@libreture @tootbrute @Readlebee
I'm the only person on the Fediverse that doesn't know how to use GitLab. 😞

@SlowRain @tootbrute @Readlebee

Same here...

But I believe the software is designed for some people to host and others to join. If that's really the case, you should be good to pick a Readlebee site that suits you when it launches and federated sites start popping up.

🤞 📚

@SlowRain @tootbrute @Readlebee

I think development has only just started, but the information about launch should be visible on the Gitlab page.


@libreture @SlowRain @tootbrute Yeah, the project just started development a month ago; still lots to do!

I'm building it in my free time so the end of the year is not a likely launch window... but it will definitely be announced when it is!

It will definitely be for some people to host and others to use, and the goal is to make it federate like Mastodon, though! And even if you don't know GitLab, you can still contribute ideas and follow along with things! I try to link things intuitively. 😊

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