Is there any really excellent reason to use PostgreSQL over MySQL/MariaDB for an app like or any other federated app? I know MySQL much better and could develop for it much faster, but if PostgreSQL is inherently better at storing and retrieving records concurrently or something like that, I'd be willing to stick with using it.

@Readlebee I recognize that familiarity is important also and you're totally right to take that into account. On the other hand, this might be a good excuse to dive into a ⭐️ new thing ⭐️!

Either way, good luck and I'm excited to use Readlebee! 😀


@edwardloveall Thanks for that reference, it's really helpful! I do feel like Postgres is probably the "right" choice for this project. Plus knowing more than just MySQL will definitely be more enriching in the long run. 😁

Thanks! I hope I'm able to deliver something worth being excited for! 😅

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