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I wrote up all the recipes I developed over about a year working with mutual aid organization food not bombs.

read them all here


or subscribe to the blog on the fediverse here


@ProtoDrew Thanks for making a very accessible recipe website. As someone with a hard time reading small caps, I would however appreciate if you could bring the description text's size a bit larger

@Arteneko check it now and let me know what you think!

@Arteneko awesome! If you see anything else that needs addressing lmk.

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes amazing! is the 6 recipes posted already all of them or is there more tastiness coming?


There are 4 more major recipes and 5 incredibly simple ones on the way.

@decentral1se thanks! I'll also reach out to friends in other chapters and ask them to give me their recipes. But these plus the next few are ones I developed myself after about a year of tinkering

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes just so you know, if I click on the url, it just goes to the Masto account. But if I right click on the url to open in another tab, it goes to the webpage. Not sure what's going on?!

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes I like the recipes. I'm going have to work out the scaled down versions to have at home :)

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes maybe you could bundle them in a cookbook if you have some more? So far I know of "Hungry for peace" foodnotbombs.net/new_site/hung and "The Anarchist Teapot Guide to Mass Catering" eco-action.org/teapot/publicat and food4qaction but that's german only: food4action.noblogs.org/tips-u I love to extend my collection :)

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