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I wrote up all the recipes I developed over about a year working with mutual aid organization food not bombs.

read them all here

or subscribe to the blog on the fediverse here


@ProtoDrew Thanks for making a very accessible recipe website. As someone with a hard time reading small caps, I would however appreciate if you could bring the description text's size a bit larger

@Arteneko check it now and let me know what you think!

@Arteneko awesome! If you see anything else that needs addressing lmk.

@ProtoDrew I noticed there's a recipe in there that uses parmesan. I thought food not bombs was supposed to be vegetarian?

@ProtoDrew it depends on the cheese. there is usually information on the brand of whether they use microbial rennet or rennet derived from the stomach lining of dead animals, but parmesan in particular pretty much ALWAYS has animal rennet in it

@soy_milk oh yea the one I used was microbial. I intentionally chose the vegetarian variant.

@ProtoDrew ngl i could use some of that shit could you link me up if it's on amazon or smth 👀

@soy_milk I got mine from my local HEB. Depending on where you are it might make sense to make it yourself.

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes amazing! is the 6 recipes posted already all of them or is there more tastiness coming?


There are 4 more major recipes and 5 incredibly simple ones on the way.

@decentral1se thanks! I'll also reach out to friends in other chapters and ask them to give me their recipes. But these plus the next few are ones I developed myself after about a year of tinkering

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes just so you know, if I click on the url, it just goes to the Masto account. But if I right click on the url to open in another tab, it goes to the webpage. Not sure what's going on?!

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes I like the recipes. I'm going have to work out the scaled down versions to have at home :)

@ProtoDrew @food-not-bombs-recipes maybe you could bundle them in a cookbook if you have some more? So far I know of "Hungry for peace" and "The Anarchist Teapot Guide to Mass Catering" and food4qaction but that's german only: I love to extend my collection :)

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