Anyone know of a good respecting grammarly alternative?

BTW privacy requires self hosting of open code.....

@straw I write much better when something prompts me regularly.

@LovesTha LanguageTool is open-core and has a version that can run locally.

RedPen is very opinionated and gives many false positives

A human editor is a great option and asking Fedi for feedback on rough drafts is a great idea.

@Seirdy open-core and freemium models are hard to trust the privacy of.

@LovesTha It's easy to inspect the network activity of a local program or to just forbid it from accessing the network. You can do one better and analyze its syscalls.

If that's not enough, you can read the source code too. The offline version is FOSS.

There's no need to trust anyone.

More info:

@Seirdy Takes some effort finding where they actually mention supporting using your own server. But it is there.


And then they still don't mention configuring the plugins (under advanced options)

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