I understand that many #foss projects have been locked in #github as a result of a choice made in the past.

However, it makes little sense to me to see new, interesting #foss projects to opt for #github while there are less unethical code hosting platforms out there.

@dimitrisk Oh man, I love Github. What did they do that was unethical?

@calligraffiti @dimitrisk @LovesTha Embrace+extend => Vendor lock-in ("network effect")

1. Develop LFS, which relies on a central server, instead of building on the pre-existing git-annex, which allows you to sync data between multiple git hosts with annex support
2. Promote Releases over tags, where Releases live on github instead of in the repo
3. Promote github in a way that makes newcomers believe it is synonymous with git
4. Manage issues outside git and put rate limiters that are preventing e.g. gitea from migrating their project off github to their own hosting with issues intact
5. Only allow PRs from repos that were github-forked from the upstream repo, once again promoting github-chokepoint workflows over git-native workflows

@clacke @dimitrisk @calligraffiti And I think only one of those I would naturally fall into (4), and I'd be happy to abandon issue history to move if it made sense.

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