Wordle 223 

223 6/6*


Was struggling to think of options at the end there

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I'm mid way through my home office build. I'm going to make the desks this coming weekend. They will have a cable tray below the and a monitor shelf. But I have a question: How shallow can I make the desks?

The tressel table I'm currently using is 70cm (27") deep, which feels adequate. Measuring where I have the monitor though I'm only using about 55cm (21") of that depth, behind that is cables.

Space between desks is at a premium and I wonder how shallow I can go.

Wordle 222 

222 6/6*


Just in time.

221 4/6*


Guess 3 was a waste, the orange for letter 2 is a repeat :( but I was lucky and still had enough information to get it in four

This scanned at $175 instead of $299. And I do need two desks, but the store I got it at was a long drive as all the nearby ones are sold out.

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TFW when get home from the hardware store and realise the board was 40% off so you really should have brought two....

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Wordle 219 with discussion, mild spoiler 

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Tool assisted as I could not find a legal word. Apparently there was only one legal word and I had tried similar words, but with a G instead on K, but that is a DnD term.

Wife: I'm having a shower
Me: Have fun!
3YO: No! I don't want to have fun
Me: That's okay, you keep playing and not having fun

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Hrm, setting up self hosted email, guess I need to pay for a static IP (a requirement to get a useful PTR with this ISP) :(

I like sharing my location with my wife, I remember researching and finding a self hosted solution that looked good, but I can't find it now.

Does anyone know of one?

So as the plan was to slowly move away from GSuite anyway, I guess I now have a deadline.

What do I move my email to now. I know I said I didn't want to but I think we'll self host.

Is this painting at the arts center meant to be topical?

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Weight loss+ weird 

This may explain why I've started watching BeardMeetsFood videos though

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Weight loss+ my 'diet' 



Macdonalds/KFC/Hungry Jacks

Large meals

Sugar Soft drink


3 small meals a day

Up to 1 piece of fruit a day

Unlimited tea

Unlimited water

Up to 3 ciders in a day

Up to 5 ciders in a week

Up to 10 ciders in a month

1 toastie from my church each week

2 lunches at work a week, 1 Banh Mi, 1 kebab.(when able to be in the office)

1 dessert a week.

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Weight loss+ 

Started a new diet* on the 1st of December, today I reached -10kg!

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