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"Can you mend it?"
The artisan studied the shards.
"Was it enchanted?"
"Yes, to keep drinks at the right temperature."
"Hm. Can't fix that by hand."
The artisan put a Ring of Repair on, and pieced the cup together. The shards fused seamlessly.
"Wow. Um. Can you hug me?"
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Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

Bike maintenance advice.

My front brakes keep losing their adjustment. If I tighten the large bolt in the middle of the picture so it nearly touches the disc then the brakes work well.

For one or two stops, and then it is back where it started and I have to pull the lever 80% of the way before it does anything and at 100% it's still barely doing anything (I can push the bike along and the wheel spins)

Any ideas on how to keep it adjusted right?

Don't be the guy in 2021 still making Brady bunch jokes on zoom

Not reading much more than the extract, this is a bit worrysome. But disabling TLS session resumption can't have that big of a performance hit. - Tracking Users Across the Web via TLS Session Resumption (2018) [pdf]

(submitted by Tomte)

Yesterday I was surprised to learn that 100W USBC chargers are still rare items. Only the third big box store I tried had any.

The next best offering any of them had was a 65W Apple charger.

I thought having one standard would fix this.

Three groups were trounced through the cafe for them to then leave when informed they only had outside tables.

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White man talking about use of the N word, probably ends well 

I listened to the N***** episode of Fanti on Friday, their view is that white news casters can't use N***** when quoting (book title or something someone said). It felt awkward to me that they should need to dance around it, but obviously my feelings aren't the ones that matter hear.

Just now it occurred to me that the solution is that all news casts should just have access to someone who could quote the text without such issues.

The breakfast 5 minutes down the road is excellent

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Bad cafe review

It's wise to let people know you only have outdoor tables before hauling people the whole length of the oddly shaped cafe. Particularly when its cold and raining and your tables only have umbrellas.

Also it is good to advise people that breakfast has closed and lunch not started so you'll need to order from the display before they walk past the display.

And why have a half hour period with no kitchen service, plenty of places have breakfast and lunch overlap.

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@Mitsu @guizzy @jbauer no fight here. coming from an american, imperial is stupid and we should all use metric :meowUnamused:
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Found online:

"Alpha Male", the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

I'm not sure he'll fit once he's allowed to use it....

Today he turned 35 months old.

Might be a day late, but that is what you get for not planning for the public holiday

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Bill Gates continuing to do evil under the guise of philanthropy.

"When Oxford University began work on its covid vaccine, it promised that the resulting work would be patent-free, with an active tech-transfer assistance program so that developing nations could manufacture their own supplies....

....That promise was broken. The Gates Foundation pushed the racist lie that poor people can't make safe vaccines - despite world-leading production facilities in the Global South - and convinced the university to sell exclusive rights to Astrazeneca...."
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"But how?" the evil overlord said. "Neither man nor woman can slay me."
"Dude," the hero said, wiping the blood off their sword, "that's your problem right there. Oversimplifying everything."
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