Two pimple on a project can be more efficient due to different approaches. When does this effect stop?

How many points should a Christmas star have?

9:30 and I'm in clean the desk mode.

Will this be a long or short last day of work?

Paper straws, societies way to make you start carrying a metal straw

Email clients should move addressing entry to the bottom of the ui.

Addressing should be done last

Is it the summer shutdown yet?

Looking forward to it this year.

Anyone know of a reasonable company to use for a managed GitLab instance on hardware located in Australia?

$600Euro/month for 10 users is the quote to beat.

I just 'completed' setting up one of these projects in vscodium, installing the c/c++ support, and the server it needs, the Python script to generate a giant compile_instructions.json (is custom flags per file so common that this is the good way to push people?). And it still can't find my include files.

This is not meant to be hard

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I hear all these awesome things about modern IDE's like atom and vscodium. But I can never make them work for basic makefile projects. I keep using qtcreator because importing a mskefile project is simple and it works well enough.

Why is this work flow so badly supported by other tools?

3.5 hours for "yes there is a real problem, looking into it"

Slower than I'd like, but they confirmed the issue

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Our IT support company has 'set up' a managed Linux cloud server for us. I log in and attempt to install useful packages, connection to servers fails. Put in support request to have that fixed at 10:30am Friday.

They say it should work, maybe the update servers were down. This email came at 8am Monday.

8:30am I reply that all outbound connections are failing, can they please fix.

When should I expect the next useless reply?

Job requirements: Security Clearance
Job Seniority: Entry Level

Um, those don't really go together.

Never realised how diverse Victorian local council electorates are. Some are a single electorate. Some are all single member electorates. Some are multiple multi-member electorates. Some mix those (say 3 single member and two triple member electorates)


Should sudo print the command that it is about to execute?

Just thinking of the implications of having sudo inside scripts.

I don't think I've listened to a more interesting interview with an Australian politician

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Being a #Adelaide Centrelink contractor:
* paid 20k less than APS staff
* half a day of training on self harm/domestic abuse
* High attrition rates - empathetic ppl quit - not unusual to see crying @ desk
* No incentive to learn due to quotas
* toxic culture


Speaking up: Life at the other end of Centrelink phone calls via #centrelink

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