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oof don't view that in thumbnail, that's a moiré.

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@be And it spreads. I worked in a very toxic environment a few years ago & the only way to survive was to become equally as toxic. Took over a year after leaving that job to drop most of that toxicity.

Managers who tolerate toxic exployees are responsible for everyone in the building who becomes toxic. It's their job to manage their people, after all.

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I've probably said this before.

"Engagement" is not the point of the fedi. At all. We're about fostering legit connections between folks.

But I get more engagement here than on :birdsite:​, and of much higher quality.

It's as if... the friends we made along the way are the real engagement? :flan_think:

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Really wish Epubs were the favored format for scholarly papers and books over PDFs

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@wolf480pl @LovesTha @mwlucas Take the word "encoding", for example. The question is not *whether* data is encoded. Implying (as I've heard sci-fi do) data can be non-encoded is nonsense. The question is *how* is the data encoded!

BTW privacy requires self hosting of open code.....

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Anyone know of a good respecting grammarly alternative?

This has had a very predictable outcome.

Don't pull my finger.

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thread: my 1st miscarriage, no "bloody details" yet, "missed abortion", stuff I bet you didn't know 

The first time was much worse and pretty traumatic. It happened in early 2021.
I was of course aware of how often miscarriages happen, but it was still a shock when I was at my appointment at the end of the 9th week and I learned that the embryo was dead. It was too small for that week and had no heartbeat.
And that is how many miscarriages will go, not starting with any blood or so, but you learn about it from your doctor and didn't expect anything to be wrong. The medical term for this is "missed abortion".

My doctor handled it well in the way that she didn't push me in any direction, but told me to take a couple of days to decide if I wanted to let the miscarriage happen naturally or if I wanted the pregnancy to be ended at a hospital (basically same as an abortion). She wrote me a referral right away, so that I could go any time I wanted. She told me that, for some people, ending it soon is easier on them, mentally, but for others it's the opposite and they feel better when they can take the time.

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Why does json have a human readable format but not allow comments.

Pick one, both is stupid.

The assumption here is that one is building this in a dedicated office space that permenantly mounting things to the wall is a good idea.

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Sit / stand deck idea: monitor and work surface (room for keyboard and trackball) mounted to the end of a swing arm. Swing arm might be 3m long, pivoting in the middle with an adjustable counterweight.

The challenge is how to keep the work surface level to the ground?

Use two swing arms to make a parallelogram? Probably only have a single one extend past the pivot point.

I don't mind if the work surface moves left to right a bit as it goes up and down, so that aspect isn't bad.

I lied, Coles had three small red cabbages.

I brought one.

Should have got them all.

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Decide to eat more salad.

No salad at Costco.

No salad at Coles.


Elderly women who can't tell the difference between an elderly woman and a toddler dressed up as an elderly woman shouldn't got to junk sales with $1300 in their purse.

Just noticed some continuity between episodes of Bluey.

In Onesies the letter box is damaged.

In Tradies it's fixed by the tradie.

Clearly the best kids TV show

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