2 years since the beginning of apps. That one innocent commit that later became a real project.

Heb12 has gone so far in the last two years thanks to all the developers and users involved, especially:
Amazingmech2418 (developer)
@childofgod (translations)
Edxt (developer)
@masterofthetiger (developer)
@stef20 (translations)

Not much option for Portuguese Bible via @fdroidorg
I do have the app for Versão fácil de ler.

@zudn Sorry for the delay, my OS decided to crap out. Portuguese translations should be on now.

@zudn Now that it is on HTTP, verse of the day will work now.

"It's working!"
Looks great. I saw it on laptop just now.
VOTD looks like from NET. Good!
Time to update Android, I suppose.

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