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This is a preview of the new Heb12 Android app. It uses the Android NDK and our C backend that we wrote from scratch.

We are starting to use C more for our Bible software. See our progress here:

now has a new Bible app for DOS that can run from a single 1.44mb floppy disk.

It also has enough room to load a compressed version of the entire WEB translation, with 200kb to spare.

This is it running on a 1998 Thinkpad.

New Heb12 Test Project:
BibleC: Work with the Bible in the C programming language.


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More work on #Heb12 today. We are now working on the new design. We don't have much at the moment, but here's a picture to demonstrate.

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The new Bible format for #Heb12 should make it possible to distribute higher quality copies of the Bible in various translation.

development is progressing, albeit slowly.

We have started work on a new format:

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@b2e I am glad you are enjoying Heb12!

@PetabyteStudios and I are currently working on a brand new version that will hopefully be even better in many ways.

@Heb12 is the Mastodon account for the project. 🙂

Progress is being made on . Work on the API is going very well, and soon we will be able to start work on the new app.

Heb12 API and website will be temporarily offline for maintenance. This also includes any server ran by @PetabyteStudios.

Heb12 Mobile 0.2.0 has been released to the Amazon App Store. This should be the last release of Heb12 Mobile.
You can download the APK here:

A new Heb12 API is being written in . It will be the basis for the backend of Heb12, and will allow for many more Bible translations to be available in the Heb12 apps.

Although we avoid GitHub for our new projects, we now have the new Heb12 code on GitHub: github.com/heb12/heb12

2 years since the beginning of apps. That one innocent commit that later became a real project.


Heb12 has gone so far in the last two years thanks to all the developers and users involved, especially:
Amazingmech2418 (developer)
@childofgod@theres.life (translations)
Edxt (developer)
@masterofthetiger (developer)
@stef20@theres.life (translations)

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