Does anyone know of work with to integrate with IRC for room chat?

We're building a hallway track for a conference where we'll be using Freenode and Matrix as our primary chat platform

We want to dynamically create rooms in or and then have corresponding IRC rooms be automagically opened as well

Our tech group has a plan to build it with jitsi, but we'll be using BBB for the talks and would rather not change video conference software

@Ted We just need everything to speak ActivityPub!

Well, for me, I need it all to speak pipe with lots of command line arguments :)

@FLOX_advocate There's a lot of stuff I'd like to work on for Jitsi/BBB, and I'd love to talk to you about it, but moving the chat to something else isn't high on my list.

@emacsen We do a post-conference review

This year I'm certain we'll talk about what worked and didn't with BBB and jitsi

I started us alternating between the two for our meetings, so we could get more experience with them

@FLOX_advocate It should work the other way around. There is a #BigBlueButton widget you can integrate into your #Matrix room. Disable the chat feature of BBB and bridge your room to Freenode.

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