I could set one up for Saturday at 21:00 or at 20:00 during UpSCALE

Alternatively, we could have a fediverse flash mob for dinner Friday night at 18:00 and still have time to make it to the jobs BoF @ 19:00

@FLOX_advocate 🙋🏻‍♂️I'm interested and flexible with regard to timing! Boosting for visibility

@FLOX_advocate side question: have you found an official BoF listing online or is it just a whiteboard floating around somewhere like other years?

@jpnc BoFs are in the schedule on the site

PCC doesn't have white boards anymore, SCaLE has made arrangements for us, but it probably won't be here until tomorrow

@FLOX_advocate boosting for the attention. @art you and the guys from LBC should pop in.

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