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Toot fijado, hilo de hilos, toots guardados y l铆neas de atenci贸n al suicidio.

Hablar es la mejor soluci贸n, habla.

馃嚜馃嚫锔 717 003 717 o 902
馃嚥馃嚱锔 01-800-472-78-35 o *5533
馃嚨馃嚬锔 96 352 46 60
馃嚞馃嚙锔 0 800 068 41 41 or 116 123
馃嚝馃嚪锔 01 45 39 40 00
馃嚚馃嚘锔 1 833 456 45 66

馃嚘馃嚪锔 (054) (011) 4 783 8888
馃嚚馃嚤锔 (00 56 42) 22 12 00
馃嚚馃嚧锔 (00 57 4) 284 66 00
馃嚭馃嚲锔 0800 8483
馃嚜馃嚚锔 (593) 2 6000477
馃嚨馃嚜锔 (00 51 1) 273 8027
馃嚙馃嚧锔 2248486

馃彸锔忊嶐煂堬笍 55 5533-5533 (M茅xico)
Latam: 01800-273-8255

Sentiros libres de a帽adir m谩s n煤meros al hilo.

Las licencias de mi sitio web se pueden encontrar en el siguiente link:

Si alguien gusta mandarme alg煤n correo electr贸nico, mi clave GPG y direcci贸n se encuentran ac谩:

Estoy mudando los comentarios de mi web, de telegram a mastodon.

S铆, comentarios usando mastodon...

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(where "girls" is shorthand for "everyone who isn't a straight cis white adult male.")

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the Facebook Papers 

We're Publishing the Facebook Papers. Here's What They Say About the Ranking Algorithms That Control Your News Feed.

#Facebook employees knew that a computer-curated feed increased the time users spent on the social network鈥攁nd that it led to unhealthy behaviors.

the cache of papers:

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Do you want to hide something? I'll give you an advice... Use deniable encryption, just download a porn video, or something that could be "infected with malware" and use Veracrypt to hide a virtual volume inside the video file...

It will look like a video, play like a video, it will be "just a video".

Even if there is a court order to spy on you (and you're not on UK), they couldn't force you to give the key if they realise that you're hiding something.

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Did you know that USA's government created the NSA to 芦keep their eyes禄 on the crypto because it was liberated to the civilians...

But why? Easy, it was considerated a military weapon.

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Crypto stands for CRYPTOGRAPHY, not for cryptocurrencies...

I had been using Twitter a few days ago to read and interact with @gnome 's devs, but... I'm really really considering close my account... Elon Musk is harmful (imo) for Twitter.

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Please boost and share. FB needs to pay for this. #deletefacebook

Facebook Papers on Donald Trump, the 2020 Election, and Jan. 6

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Calling macOS testers! 馃崗

We are now able to produce #Inkscape for #macOS #arm64 architecture.

Note that this is a prototype!

We鈥檙e seeking your feedback on this test build here:

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#GNU Emacs is so much more than a text editor -- it's an entire workflow environment, loved by free software supporters around the world. Get the new GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs 27.2, at the GNU Press Shop:

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