Just landed: Support for dmabuf-feedback, aka dmabuf-hints, in both Mesa & Weston, enabling more efficient buffer allocation when using hardware overlay planes. Will be released in Weston 10.0 & Mesa 22.1. 🎉🥳 gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/me & gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland

The Finale: In Mike Blumenkrantz's last update for 2021, we learn Zink is now running games faster than DXVK! , for the win! supergoodcode.com/the-finale/

What if Zink was actually the fastest GL driver? In Mike Blumenkrantz's latest update, he reveals with NVIDIA’s Vulkan driver is roughly 25-30% faster than NVIDIA’s GL driver for Tomb Raider! supergoodcode.com/NV-envy/

Landing in 2022: Copper, a new DRI interface extension for , enabling Zink to render more efficiently, support more drivers, and work on more platforms including supporting compositors! supergoodcode.com/pipe-magic/

It might be smaller then the last few kernels, but with well over 10,000 non-merge changes, kernel 5.15 still packs a punch. Here's a look at contributions made by Collaborans for this Halloween release: col.la/lk515

We're very happy to be sponsoring the first edition of , a new conference for developers of package management software, software packagers and communities! Streaming live tomorrow & Wednesday! Join us! packaging-con.org/

WirePlumber: the new PipeWire session manager - Christian Schaller sits down with George Kiagiadakis to discuss the new session manager in ! fedoramagazine.org/wireplumber

Now that is part of , interested in learning more about 's session manager? Here, George Kiagiadakis demonstrates how you can implement a custom, powerful & secure audio/video stream routing service using PipeWire & WirePlumber. col.la/mpswp

With the release of 35, has now officially entered the desktop space! Lead developer George Kiagiadakis celebrates this significant milestone, which brings WirePlumber as the default session manager for : col.la/wpf35 🥳🎉

Kernel news: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi's patchset to trigger notifications when a file system error occurs in the kernel has been accepted & should make it into 5.16! git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k

All the latest on , including Mesa 21.3, Bioshock Infinite, & more, courtesy of Mike Blumenkrantz supergoodcode.com/the-end-of-z

Maintaining a non-trivial set of patches can be tricky. Thanks to the recent move to a single, unified git repo, you can now easily run a GStreamer continuous integration pipeline on your own instance. Here's how: col.la/gstmr

Coming up live tomorrow at 11:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC), don't miss Jakob Bornecrantz's deep dive into , the OpenXR runtime for ! youtube.com/watch?v=LTBm1eniJs

On-demand technical sessions now available at ! Take a deep dive into the many approaches & techniques for graphics , as Daniel Stone presents "Demystifying Virtualized Graphics for Client, Cloud, and Edge." devsummit.arm.com/en/tech-hub/

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