+ + in full swing today in Minneapolis, with all three taking place simultaneously! Love to see it!

Live streams here: youtube.com/c/XOrgFoundation

A big annnouncement from Jason Ekstrand, live from : Introducing , a brand new, open-source driver for hardware in Mesa! Read more about NVK here: col.la/nvk

: Coming up next at 10:45 CDT, Jason Ekstrand takes the stage with "How to write a Vulkan driver in 2022" indico.freedesktop.org/event/2

Only a few hours to go before ! Join us tomorrow at University of St. Thomas' Opus Hall, or watch live on YouTube if you're attending remotely, as we kick off a three-day event bringing together XDC, WineConf & FOSS XR! col.la/xdc2022

Weekend reading: Supporting new extensions? Making it easier to write new Mesa Vulkan drivers? Why not both? (Oh, and a performance win too.) Here's the latest from Jason Ekstrand, as we get ready for next week! col.la/vgstm

Wishing a great weekend to everyone attending , which kicks off tomorrow in Barcelona, but also online for those attending remotely! A great conference, with an even greater community behind it!

New blog post! The release of Weston 11.0 brings a number of highlights including optimizations in the DRM-backend, color management infrastructure code & multiple RDP improvements. Here's what's new, and what's next for 's reference compositor: col.la/weston11

is only days away! Join us next week in Minneapolis for a jam-packed, three-day event bringing together XDC, WineConf & FOSS XR! col.la/xdc2022

A team that grows together, builds together! Join us in welcoming the latest members of our growing roster, who bring a variety of expertise from across the globe! col.la/gtbt22

ICYMI earlier this month 👉 Using , & a , you can create an audio bridge between a device & an analog speaker system, breathing new life into your old speakers. Here's how: col.la/pwrpi

Last few hours at . Most of us have already left, some were with customers, but here are a few of us smiling at you from the main stage. Big thanks to The Linux Foundation for a great week in Dublin!

New blog post, live from the ELC Technical Showcase at ! 👉 Open source machine learning for video compression col.la/mlcompression

We're very excited to be taking part in tonight's ELCE Technical Showcase, happening during the Onsite Attendee Reception at ! Come check out our two demos featuring ML-based video compression & the platform! osseu2022.sched.com/event/17fn

: Wondering how to become a kernel developer? Don't miss "Getting Into Linux Kernel Development After 30 Years", presented by Muhammad Usama Anjum, coming up today at 15:40 UTC, in Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1)! sched.co/15z9c

First up today at , "Board Farms for Everyone: Making Hardware Debugging Easier and Sharing Boards Across the Globe!", presented by Chris Obbard at 10:15 UTC in Liffey Hall 1! Join us in person, or watch live online! sched.co/15z1v

As winds down in Amsterdam, a very busy week begins in Dublin with the 2022 hybrid editions of Conference & Europe! col.la/dublin22

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