I was reviewing some projects that were forgotten in my Project directory and I remembered that I had made a GTK/Libadwaita app for Google Office stack.

Today I see how useless this would be. lmao

I like GitHub less and less. Why am I going to search for issues without filters, and it lists the Pull Requests if there is a section for Pull Requests which searching without filters shows ONLY the PRs?

Ironicamente, os usuários de Linux que são sempre conhecidos por segurança e etc, gostam de criar FUD quando alguma ferramenta vem para melhorar nossa segurança e preferem continuar e defender o que já é comprovadamente inseguro.

I know this is going to sound simplistic, but about Linux on the desktop I'd rather invest my time/discuss about/contribute to DEs. At the end of the day a distro is basically the extension of the compressed files + philosophy + arbitrary decisions.

Playing around with the idea of creating a web views and integrating it with GTK window.

The target is to create some Adw widgets and replace webview elements with them. Menu button and search input already work.

Microsoft has asked Lenovo to make it harder to boot Linux on their computers.

obviously I know some really cool people who work at Microsoft but it's very funny to me that people have been harping on us FOSS types for not instantly forgiving them for 20 years of malice, and now we've got this. [1]

when Microsoft is asking manufacturers to prevent people from booting other OSes and not communicating as to why, they are positioning themselves as the enemy. it's that simple. if they want to be trusted by Linux users, they need to earn that trust.

we're about 2y away, by my estimation, from living in a bizarro world where x86 PCs are less open to free desktops than ARM Macs.

1: mjg59.dreamwidth.org/60248.htm

So, I can't I contribute by submitting a PR to a Wiki from some repository?

Rule #1 when an issue gets linked on reddit or the green site: lock it down. Don't waste time with the commentariat, it's entirely inconsequential, and it avoids spam in the maintainers mail

X11: People want others to maintain it, but not themselves. 

I see A LOT of people complaining because devs are leaving aside and are putting efforts on , including many of these people who complain are devs with enough technical knowledge to say why not drop X11, but I wonder: How many of those want to maintain it?

There are problems that are structural, which trying to fix with patches are temporary solutions. If the problem is structural, the solution must be structural as well.

With the port to GTK 4 that will bring better performance, and extensions, Epiphany takes a big leap forward and becomes a viable option for many others.

One of my work mates has been implementing support for extensions to #GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany): blog.tingping.se/2022/06/29/We

This has been made possible because at #Igalia we want more of us to dogfood a WebKit-based browser, and the number one complaint was “but, I miss extension $XYZ”. Luckily, being an owner-based coop we can *choose* ourselves to invest time in things like these :pika:

Current version of Worbench supports previewing GTK template UI.

The next release will let you build, instantiate and use custom/composite widgets directly from the Code panel.

Here are a thousand cute penguins for demonstration.

Any thoughts, requests, or comments?

We've organized a group tour of Tequila, Jalisco as a social BoF option for our final day! This day trip includes transportation, factory tours, tequila tasting, and more. See details about the itinerary, cost, and how to register by July 15: events.gnome.org/event/77/page

For those not interested in the Tequila day trip we'll be adding more social BoF options/suggestions for July 25th soon!

Meanwhile, adaptive message dialogs, and a good opportunity to improve the API over GtkMessageDialog.

It hasn't landed yet, but it's fairly close.

If I didn't have to move, this probably would have happened in March or April.

Could GitHub Copilot be breaking licenses?

I was wondering: When the Copilot enters MIT-licensed code, for example, shouldn't it deliberately show or mention it?

The problem with being a community thing and wanting to put flags in support of something is that at some point it will be charged for not publicly showing that it support something else.

I would love for all apps in to be . It's easier, for example, to install Firefox layered if you want it than to keep it in the image for those who don't.

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