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5.19-rc8 is now available for public testing at and it looks like the final release will land next week on July 31st.

5.15.56, 5.10.132, 5.4.207, 4.19.253, 4.14.289, and 4.9.324 LTS kernels are now available for download at

The Lubuntu Backports PPA is now available for general use. Update your Lubuntu 22.04 LTS systems to the latest and greatest LXQt desktop environment right now

We're proud to be a media partner of this year's @socallinuxexpo and we can't wait for it to start at the end of the month! Check out all the great talks planned for the event at

We are a proud media partner of the GUADEC 2022 conference that will open its doors to the public next week in Guadalajara, Mexico @guadec

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