#Bluetooth headsets have full support yet? My #LinuxMint #pipewire solution was to ditch #aptX (which doesn't work properly) in favor of AAC to get HQ audio, but HQ audio + working microphone seems to be still a problem. Mostly it just means I have to route #Discord voice chat through my phone, but it's a pain. Since #Android is almost a #linux, and my headset works properly there, shouldn't getting Bluetooth headsets working be a relatively simple matter?

@kepic i have three pairs of earbuds from different compnies and they work flawlessly for audio listening.

Yes, audio quality when listening is good on
#AAC. #aptX doesn't work as well. Microphone on headset works, but it drops quality as it automatically swaps the codec to #mSBC or #CVSD. I don't know how this is implemented on #Android or #Windows as it doesn't happen, but currently using my headset as anything but headphones is pointless on #Linux.

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